With LuLaRoe, I have learned to love myself again and to help others do the same.


BeccaB2016-SSD3Hi there, I’m Becca! I am so excited to get to know you and hope you will join me in the marvelous world of LuLaRoe!

I have spent the past 7-8 years working as an independent graphic designer. From doing web design to product design for both paper and digital scrapbooking. I have spent many long hours tied to my computer in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. As much as I enjoy graphic design and even still do it, it was taking a toll on me physically. I love having my own business and want to contribute to my family’s finances so I forced myself to stick with it and try to earn what I could.

One day I started noticing my friends sharing pictures of these adorable leggings they bought. Being a bigger girl myself, I look and thought oooh pretty but went on. I mean what big girl can get away with wearing leggings? Heck, I am sure they don’t even make them in my size. After I started seeing it more and more I decided to check out these so called *buttery leggings* to see what all the hype was about. I will be honest.. I didn’t think they would be all that amazing. I really didn’t think they would even fit. I remember buying my first pair, and boy was I anxious when it came to putting them on for the first time. Um. Wow. Even more honesty here, I loved these leggings so much I left them on. I slept in them that night. I might have even wore them the next day. And maybe my mom said, are you still wearing those leggings? Um yep. Terrible I know. But it was love. True love. I felt amazing in them.

Next thing I know, I am buying dresses, skirts, tops and more. I am totally in love with everything. I am actually getting out of my PJs for the day (which was basically my work uniform) and getting dressed! Dressed I tell you! I also noticed as I was getting dressed ( and still feeling comfortable) that I was feeling good. I was happy. You know I said I was fluffy. And I haven’t had a good relationship with clothes in a long time. I used to love clothes when I was a thinner girl. As a bigger girl, I felt I didn’t have a lot of options. LuLaRoe has changed that. And it feels great. I love having my spark back. I love that I am wanting to take better care of myself now. I want to be a girly girl. I want to do my hair instead of yank it up in a knot. I want to wear makeup. I want to get healthy inside and out. It is such an amazing feeling.

After I starting this love affair with LuLaRoe, I really love not only how the clothing makes me feel but what the company stands for. I started to learn more about the founder, Deann, and her husband, Mark. I love how they empower women and promote a positive vibe. It made me want to become a part of the *movement* and join the LuLaRoe T.E.A.M. I am now a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe and I love being able to help other women find their spark again. To have a little soulshine in their life. To love themselves. It isn’t just clothing. It is a feeling, a community and one I am proud to be a part of.

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