“I’m a designer from southern Illinois who is passionate about being creative.” -Becca B


Hello, My name is Becca and I live in the Land of Lincoln with my husband and three children. I started dabbling in graphic design in 2006. After learning more about design via some college courses and being self-taught, I took my hobby to a design career in 2010. Over the years I have worked at perfecting my craft and coming more into my own personal style.

I have become proficient in Adobe Creative Suite due to all of the hours spent creating and learning. I now work mainly in Illustrator and Photoshop for my current design work. I create digital scrapbook designs that I sell at The LilyPad and I also freelance as a product/surface designer.

My design style is filled with fresh colors, fun typography and unique illustrations.

On the personal side, I am a font addict who loves all things typography, graphic design, and just being creative. I love spending time with my family and trying my hand at being the next Julia Child.

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them!