I love talking about the different A&D styles and I get even more excited when it is a favorite like the Tiered Tunic. I am going to be honest here. I am still learning to embrace all of myself but I have such a hard time when it comes to wearing sleeveless styles and showing my arms. I mean why do I want to show off my huge arms?! I loved how the Tiered Tunics looked when they were released but I thought no way I would ever feel comfortable with the sleeveless style. Nope. Not happening.

Fast forward to weeks after they were released and seeing all of my fellow A&D addicts wearing their Tiered Tunics and I kept hearing this voice… gosh, they are seriously so cute! The voice continued….just maybe, maybe wear it with a cardigan then it will be okay. Still, I kept passing right by the Tiered Tunics. Then it happened. They released this beauty in one of the prints I have been drooling over. Like seriously, I LOVE this print. I stared at it all day in my rep sponsor’s store. I kept talking myself out of it. Then it hit me. I said to myself…self, you have to stop doing this. What happened to embracing yourself? Big arms and all? So I went for it. I was nervous but excited to click that order button.

A few days passed by and the Tiered Tunic showed up in my mailbox. I was so excited ripping into the packaged. I could wait to try it on but in the back of my head I was like please let me like it..please let me like it. So I put it on and noticed right away how comfortable it was. I wasn’t sure if the layers would make it feel like too much fabric and not work well with the heat. Surprisingly, it felt pretty light with the liner that goes all the way up. No extra bulk, the different layers were nice and flattering. So now the arms… I walked to the mirror and fell completely and totally IN LOVE. Even being sleeveless, this top looked amazing! I had planned in my head to wear it with a cardigan or wrap but instead I wore it all by itself (well I mean, I did have on pants) to the movies the next day. I received so many compliments that I didn’t even think about my arms anymore. I just was in love and having a great time dressing the body I am in.

The Tiered Tunic is really a great staple piece to add to your wardrobe. The fabulous thing about it is it doesn’t have to be just a spring or summer piece. Add a cardigan or wrap top to it and this piece will carry you across all the seasons.