As you start the journey with Agnes & Dora the company sends you this amazing swag type box. Inside this glorious box is not only amazing swag like branded hats, water bottles etc. but some very useful tools. One of my new prized possessions is the A&D guide that comes in this box. It helps you to get a great start and is a great tool to start setting your goals.

One of the many things they talk about in this guide is your WHY. Your why is the thing that makes you tick. The reason you decided to take this journey and what you want to achieve through it all. I think for many their why may evolve over time. Depending on the season of life they’re in. For me, my started out with wanting security.

Security seems a bit odd when stated that way I’m sure. But when I think of security, it brings to mind so many things that have been rocky in my life lately. Things I am ready to actively work at feeling more secure with things like finances and all that fun stuff.

Now as I sit here and type this I have come to realize that of course I want to have security in finances. I mean who doesn’t? I doubt many will say they don’t. But my why has already started to evolve as I await (not so patiently) for my inventory to arrive. It has become a lot stronger in me the need to promote self-love and body acceptance. I have fought so much with this. I still fight it today (see the About Becca page). Even with struggles, I am ready to embrace this part of my journey and start seeing more to me than just my flaws.

I haven’t been too long on this journey and I am already seeing some amazing progress. I can see the potential of what my life can be and I am eager to work my way towards it. I hope you join me on this adventure whether you are an Agnes & Dora customer or you want to become an independent rep yourself. This blog will not only be informational with Agnes & Dora but it will be a place where I will share things from my life, learning to love who I am and helping others to achieve the same. Amazing things wait in this world for us all. Let’s go get them! Let’s do this together!