LuLaRoe is different from pretty much any other direct sales or clothing retailer out there. You can only shop for their amazing pieces through a fashion consultant like me. No websites. No catalogs. Since each consultant carries different styles and prints, you just might find yourself shopping through many consultants to build up your new LuLaRoe wardrobe. There are 3 ways you can shop with me, LuLaRoe Becca Bonneville. Let’s check them out…

  1. Online in my private customer Facebook group. This group is not only a great way to see my inventory and shop but it also is a little community in itself. Building relationships and sharing our love of LuLaRoe has made my group a pretty special place to be. You can join the group, Shop LuLaRoe Becca Bonneville to check it out for yourself.
  2. In your home. Yes, I said in your home. You can host a pop-up in your home and I will bring my boutique to YOU! Invite some friends over and have a blast trying on different clothes and shopping from the comfort of your own home. (Certain restrictions required. Please see hostess agreement for more details).
  3. In my boutique. I have a cute little LuLaRoe boutique right on my property. It is a private boutique where you can shop my inventory and even try on some pieces. (The boutique is open by appointment only, unless an Open House has been posted)